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As temperatures start to warm up, cozy scarves and hats don’t hold the same appeal as during the winter months. Fortunately, there are still lots of fun summer crochet projects to exercise your crochet skills while staying cool! Accordingly, I’ve selected 19 fresh and free summer crochet patterns to try this summer.

This collection includes a wide variety of warm weather crochet projects, from lacy summer tops, to light and airy scarves, to beach bags, to water bottle holders, to portable projects you can take along on a road trip.

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Quick Summer Crochet Patterns

Below, you’ll find a selection of free summer crochet patterns, including:

  • Summer Scarf with Granny Squares
  • Tea Time Tee
  • Beginner Summer Crochet Tank Top
  • Rosaline Lacy Scarf
  • Summer Crop Top
  • Little City Summer Top
  • Summer Lovin’ Crochet Coverup
  • Hot Chili Summer Shawl
  • Summer Granny Square Top
  • Summer Tank Top in a Bag
  • Summer Tote
  • Fun Crochet Granny Square Bag
  • Bucket Full of Sunshine Beanie
  • Easy Crochet Bucket Hat
  • Checkered Bottle Holder
  • Mesh Water Bottle Holder
  • Freeze Pop Holders
  • Honeycomb Coasters
  • Summer Mandala

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Photo Collage showing 4 of 19 Summer Crochet patterns

The Best Crochet Projects to Make In the Summertime

When choosing a summer crochet project, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to create summer garments and accessories, you’ll want to choose lightweight tops, scarves, or shawls with open stitches that allow air to flow through the fabric.

Fiber content is also important for summer crochet wearables. Generally, you will want to choose lightweight yarn all through the summer season in natural, plant-based fibers. Bamboo (rayon), linen, and cotton yarn are all good options to create your summer wardrobe.

Even if you will not be wearing your project, you will want to consider your comfort while making it. When the temperature is climbing, no one wants to sit under a heavy blanket that will trap the heat. Instead, work on small items like water bottle holders, coasters, or home decor accents. If you still want to make a blanket, choose a pattern made from individual squares. Then, you can join them later on when the weather is cooler.

Here are just a few ideas for summer crochet projects:

  • Light and airy scarves and tops with open, breathable stitch patterns
  • Cotton hats with brims to protect your face from the sun’s rays
  • Tote bags to carry all of your summer essentials
  • Holders and cozies for water bottles and frozen treats
  • Portable crochet projects that you can take along anywhere
  • Little things that won’t hang over your lap and add unwanted warmth

This selection includes some of each of these categories. As you can see, there are plenty of fun ways to keep crocheting comfortably, all through the summer season!

More Pattern Collections

If you need more ideas for small crochet projects, check out these other collections:

Summer Crochet Patterns

Just because the weather is heating up doesn't mean you have to put down your hook! Try one of these fun and fresh summer crochet patterns for crochet tops, light scarves, market bags, and more. These fun crochet ideas will keep you cool—literally and figuratively—at picnics and beach days.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of free crochet patterns and have found a great project to make this summer. Stay cool and creative!

Happy Crocheting!

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