I have had a lifelong relationship with creativity, the driving force of which has always been a passion for colour. From an early age, I understood that giving space to your creative side was a wonderful tool to remain at peace with the world. My arrival to crochet as a medium felt like an extension of this as, to me, the process itself is a catharsis; a form of active meditation even.

Inspired by my surroundings on the coast of Ireland, my designs combine simple patterns and vibrant colours, and are often highlighted by a spark of imperfection. Our natural surroundings are at once the most beautiful and the least symmetrical sights that we encounter day to day. I seek to emulate this natural beauty from my rural home where I work; constantly surrounded by yarn, cats, and my Labrador ‘Blue’.

I published my first book ‘Crochet Yourself Calm’ in 2016. I have subsequently been a contributor to several books including Boho Crochet, Pixel Crochet, and Crochet Therapy; and magazines including Crochet Now, Inside Crochet, and I like Crochet.

For me, crochet is a lifestyle, an expression and a profession all in one and as such I look forward to continuing to create and share with all those who love crochet for many years to come.


Please check back to my blog, and keep up with me on Instagram where I hang out daily, and I hope I can inspire you with colour and crochet!

Carmen x