18 Free Crochet Applique Patterns

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Are you looking for a way to personalise your latest crochet project? A well-placed crochet applique can completely change the character of your project. These small crochet motifs use very little yarn or time. So they’re perfect for those leftover scraps and spare minutes.

Though they are small, crochet appliques are also often an opportunity to expand your crochet skills, since they may require a variety of crochet stitches and techniques to achieve their unique shapes. This allows you to practice shaping on a small scale without a huge time commitment. You can quickly make one shape and move on to something else. So you’ll never get bored!

But not all of these appliques are super challenging, either. You’ll find everything from quick and easy crochet flowers and leaves, playful fruits and desserts, and crochet animal applique patterns. So choose whichever one suits your taste and skill level and let your imagination run wild!

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Crochet Applique Patterns to Personalise Your Projects

Below, you’ll find a selection of free crochet applique patterns for all occasions, including:

  • Two Layer Crochet Flowers
  • Quick and Easy Crochet Leaf Pattern
  • Crochet Bunny Applique
  • Ice Cream Cone Applique
  • Crochet Rainbow Flowers Applique
  • Easy Crochet Chick Applique
  • Maple Leaf Crochet Pattern
  • Easy Crochet Popcorn Flowers
  • Crochet Bleeding Heart Flower
  • Crochet Butterfly Pattern
  • Blooming Crochet Flowers and Leaves
  • Crochet Cherry Applique
  • Cloud & Rain Applique
  • Crochet Festive Star
  • Bouquet of Roses Applique
  • Christmas Crochet Stars

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18 Free Crochet Applique Patterns

The Many Uses of Crochet Appliques

Before we dive into the patterns, you may be wondering, what exactly is an applique (or appliqué)? The word comes from the French appliquer, which means “to apply.” Accordingly, “applique” refers to a piece of fabric (in this case, crochet fabric) that is applied, or attached, to a larger piece of material.

Certainly, all of these appliques are perfectly suited to their original use. They add a colourful and personal touch when sewn onto to hats, blankets, and kitchen items. But you can also use them in all sorts of other fun crochet projects, like:

  • Attach a strand of yarn or a chain loop to the top of any motif to make an ornament, window hanger, or gift tag.
  • String together several of one applique (or mix and match two or three of them) to make a garland or bunting.
  • Sew an applique to a key ring for a personalised keychain.
  • For flat appliques, adjust just your hook and yarn size to make a fun set of coasters.
  • Glue appliques to paper crafts, such as scrapbooks or greeting cards.
  • Make small motifs from crochet thread to create earrings or pendants.

These are just a few of the many fun options. What other uses can you think of for crochet appliques?

More Pattern Collections

If you enjoy making home decor, you may also like these crochet projects:

18 Free Crochet Applique Patterns

Originally, an applique was a small element attached to a larger project. Yes, these small crochet motifs are perfect for embellishment. But there are so many other fun ways to use crochet appliques, too, both individually and together with other appliques. Check out these 18 free crochet applique patterns below. How will you use them?

Hopefully, you have enjoyed browsing these free crochet applique patterns and have found inspiration for your crochet projects. You can further personalise these appliques by playing with the colour scheme, yarn weight and hook size, and the characters’ facial expressions. No matter what, you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind project that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Happy Crocheting!

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