18 Colourful and Cozy Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns (Free)

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Crochet throw pillows are a great way to personalise your home. By adding new pillows, you can quickly update your living space with bright pops of colour.  You can also easily change out throw pillows from one season to the next as part of your holiday decor.

As crocheter, they’re also the perfect opportunity to experiment with different colours and new techniques. So I’ve selected 18 beautiful free crochet pillow cover patterns for you to try.

The collection of crochet cushions includes pillows of different shapes, sizes, and stitch patterns. You’ll find lots of traditional square pillows, as well as a round bolster pillow and even a heart-shaped one.

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Free Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns for Your Home

In this collection of free crochet pillow patterns, I’ve included options for various style preferences and crochet skill levels. Beginners crocheters can easily make the Zaffre Fringed Pillow in single crochet and chunky yarn. Or if you’re more experienced and looking for a challenge, give your crochet skills a real workout with an intermediate pattern like the Desert Flower Jasmine Stitch Pillow.

Whether you’re making a piece of decor for your own home or a gift for a loved one, I hope you’ll find a great pattern to suit your needs.

Below, I’ve curated a list of cozy crochet pillows, including:

  • Mini Granny Crochet Pillow
  • Boho Pillow
  • Bloom Pillow
  • Granny Circle in a Square Pillow
  • Waffle Heart Pillow
  • Granny Pillow II
  • Tunisian Crochet Round Pillow
  • Desert Flower Jasmine Stitch Pillow
  • Relaxing Waves Pillow
  • Bohemian Crochet Pillow
  • Basic Granny Square Pillow
  • Zaffre Fringe Chunky Crochet Pillow
  • Filet Crochet Snowflake Pillow
  • Simply Love Mosaic Cushion Cover
  • Serenity Pillow
  • Radiating Heart Pillow
  • Lilac Mini Pillow
  • Textured Crochet Pillow

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18 Colourful and Cozy Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns (Free)

What Type of Pillow Form Should You Use?

Depending on the style of pillow cover you are making, you will need a specific type of pillow or pillow insert. Carefully read the list of materials on your pattern before you get started to ensure that you buy the correct size, shape, and material.

For example, several of the patterns in this list will only make a single front panel. For those patterns, you will need to buy a pre-made pillow (not just a form) since the back will show.

Other patterns are made from a front and a back panel, which you crochet together around your pillow form, or even in a pouch style. A blank pillow insert will work well for styles that fully enclose the pillow.

You’ll also want to consider your stitch pattern and if the pillow form will show through. For instance, the Filet Crochet Snowflake Pillow has open stitches that will show the fabric underneath. So you’ll want to choose a fabric that looks good with your yarn color and has enough contrast to show off the crochet design.

For the Waffle Heart Pillow, you’ll actually be creating your own zippered pillow case in a unique shape.

More Pattern Collections

If you enjoy making home decor, you may also like these crochet projects:

18 Colourful and Cozy Crochet Pillow Cover Patterns (Free)

Pillows are a fun way to play with different stitch patterns and colour combinations. This collection of free pillow patterns includes pillows of various sizes, shapes, and textures. Which one would complement your home decor?

Making Crochet Pillows Your Own

There are so many fun ways to tailor these cute pillows to suit your personal style or the preferences of your recipient. You can customise a crochet pillowcase by adding embellishments. Add pom poms or tassels to each corner or tie on a fringed border. Crochet flowers would make a great addition, too!

You can also try making any of these pillows in different sizes by adjusting your hook size and yarn weight. Just make sure to measure and check your gauge so that you will have an idea of the size of the finished pillow.

With a wide range of stitches, colours, and patterns to choose from, you can really stretch your creativity and come up with something one-of-a-kind.

Happy Crocheting!

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