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Everyone loves Christmas Crochet Baubles! These are fun and easy to make with this Free pattern for beautiful Christmas decorations.

Use your favourite colours and have fun creating your own combinations! The pattern now includes a video further down the page.

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3 green and red crochet baubles

I created this fun and easy to work pattern several years ago and it’s one of Ravelry’s all time favourites!  The pattern creates fun crocheted baubles which you can simply attach to a regular Christmas bauble, to create stunning bespoke decorations.

I made my Christmas Crochet Baubles in a cotton fingering weight/4 ply yarn, but the pattern is suitable for light DK yarn as well. Simply opt for a crochet hook slightly smaller than the one recommended for your chosen yarn to achieve a more defined and sturdy shape.

How to get the Pattern for the Crochet Christmas Ball

  • Free Crochet Pattern: Scroll down this blog post for the detailed instructions and video tutorial
  • Printable PDF: Adfree printable pattern with 4 pages including all details. Thank you for your support! – Purchase on Ravelry and on Etsy

You can also find a handy printable PDF for the Crochet Bauble pattern in Dutch and French translations at the bottom of the page

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a collection of handmade crochet baubles for christmas

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  • Scheepjes Catona or Scheepjes Cotton 8 – small amounts in assorted colours
  • Crochet hook – 2.5mm
  • Christmas ball – approx 8in [20cm] in circumference. (use some from last years decorations!)
  • Yarn needle to sew your ball together
  • You can use any 4ply/sport weight cotton yarn. If you use a DK weight yarn (and a 3.5mm hook) you will probably eliminate the last 2 rows in order for crochet piece to fit.

The pattern gives instructions to make 2 pieces (halves) which you sew together over your ball.

christmas balls covered in crochet

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blue crochet balls with blue ball of yarn and christmas decorations

Abbreviations (US terms)

  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Ch(s) – chain(s)
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Yo – yarn over
  • Beg – beginning
  • St – stitch

Special Stitches

Spike stitch or long single crochet : Insert hook between 2dc from round 2, yo, draw up a loop to the same height as the working row, yo and draw through both loops on hook.


Instructions for Christmas Crochet Baubles (US crochet terms)

Make 2 Using first colour, make a magic loop.

Round 1 : Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), make 11dc into loop, sl st to top of beg ch3 to join. Pull tight magic loop to close. Fasten off yarn. (12dc) Round 2 : Using next colour, join in any st from round 1. Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), 1dc in same st. Make 2dc in each st around, sl st to top of beg ch3 to join. Fasten off yarn. (24dc)

Round 3 : Using next colour, join in space between any of the sets of 2dc from round 2. Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), 1dc in same space, ch1, miss next 2 sts * 2dc in next space, ch1, miss 2 sts; repeat from * around, sl st to top of beg ch3 to join. Fasten off yarn. (24dc, 12 ch-1)

Round 4 : Using next colour of choice, join in top of a first dc from any 2dc set in round 3, ch1, 1sc in same st, 1sc in next st, 1 spike stitch (see special stitches) in ch-1 space, inserting hook between 2dc from round 2, * 1sc in next 2 sts, 1 spike stitch; repeat from * 10 more times, sl st to first sc to join. Fasten off yarn. (24sc, 12 spike st)

Rounds 5 – 7 : Using next colour of choice, join in any st. Ch1, 1sc in each st around. Sl st to first sc to join. Fasten off yarn. (36sc) Weave in all threads. Your ball will start to curve slightly after round 5. If using a DK weight yarn, 1-2 rounds of sc may be enough. Fit piece to your Christmas ball to check, it should have some ease to stretch. Once both sections of your crochet ball are completed, slip both pieces on to your ball, making sure the right sides are facing out.  


Once both sections of your crochet ball are completed, slip both pieces on to your ball, making sure the right side’s are facing out.   Using a matching yarn colour (or not!) sewing your 2 sides together, gently stretching on to ball as you go. Leave space for the hanging loop. Fasten off and weave in all threads. Make these colourful baubles for gifts, or to decorate your own Christmas tree!

Printable PDF: Adfree printable pattern in US crochet terms including all details. Thank you for your support! – Purchase on Ravelry and on Etsy

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crochet granny christmas baubles in a bowl

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You can download a handy Printable PDF copy of the pattern in Dutch below

Christmas Bauble Dutch Version

You can download a handy Printable PDF copy of the pattern in French below

Christmas Bauble French Version

Free pattern for Christmas crochet baubles
crochet christmas baubles

If you make this pattern, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and be sure to tag me in your photos so I can see it too, @anniedesigncrochet or #anniedesigncrochet – I can’t wait to see what colours you use with this pattern! The photographs and pattern contained on this page are the property of Annie Design You are welcome to use this pattern to make items to sell,  and I would appreciate that you include a link to the free pattern with credit for the designer, thank you! No unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or content is permitted.


  1. Hi….
    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas Baubles Free Pattern…. It is great and easy to follow. I appreciate it. I tried it and now I have a whole Christmas tree complete with your baubles. It looks beautiful…. Thank you…. Happy Holidays ????

      1. The standard ones I usually purchase in shops are approx. 8 inches. Any larger ones that you wish to cover would require more rounds, or you could use a heavier cotton yarn. Have you tried any of the ‘dollar’ stores or supermarkets? They usually have a good selection of sizes available!

  2. I love the crochet ball ornaments. To make them untreatable, could a Styrofoam ball be used instead of a glass ornament?

    1. Hi! Yes it would work great…I have used styrofoam balls before to make baubles. And thank you!

    1. Good question! I am not sure if I know one, but I would think any multicoloured yarn with short colour breaks would work fine. Have a look in your local yarn shop…they may have a glittery yarn in for Christmas:)

  3. I just made my first one. Instead of sewing it around a bauble, I used stuffing in it and then made a wool loop for hanging. Looks ace! Time to start mass production so I can give them as Christmas presents!

    1. I love that idea! No worries about the baubles breaking if dropped on floor. Enjoy your bauble making!

  4. These are gorgeous! I bought the plastic ball ornaments, and made my first one last nite. Any tips or pix for stitching around to close? Not sure where to place stitches. I ended up crocheting around to close the two pieces, leaves a little ridge but felt more secure.

    1. Thank you! I try to match stitch by stitch of each side. I use a yarn needle and insert it into a stitch on one half and then a stitch on the other side. I work my way around stretching as I go!

  5. The choice of colors used on the ornament In the video the pretty fall light colors Lower happen to have a list of those particular colors used I find it absolutely beautiful

  6. Thanks again, I have just watched the video I saw it from friends and I thought it’s beautiful to hab on the tree or give as a present. Have a wonderful holiday inspite if the pandemic. Be safe always.

    1. Hi! I don’t have a list. I used many of the small amounts I had in my stash. If you look at Catona colours, you should find a match:)

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bauble pattern. I gave them as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. I also enjoyed making them!

  8. WOW! These are beautiful! Thank you for the pattern (I started one of these this afternoon – used glittery yarn – looks adorable; but i will say that i think the colorful ones you’ve shown are super!!! That’ll be my next project! I’m going to display these at the County Fair in September!

  9. I want to make these but realized most of my stash is worsted weight yarn. Is there any way that will work for these?

    Love these! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

    1. You could try using larger baubles to cover. Or leave out the last 2 rounds. Try one half on a bauble as you go for size:) And thank you!

  10. I have still been unable to get the price in DOLLARS from Etsy.. I love your patterns and happy bright colors. Please help me if you can, so I can order these beautiful Christmas ornaments. Thank You SO MUCH!

  11. Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I love it and have made several baubles from it already! They make great gifts. Round 3, “Miss 2 sts” doesn’t work for me. I just Miss 1, and it works.

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