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I received some lovely yarn from the nice people at Anchor Crafts last month. Some of their cotton Anchor Creativa in 4 ply, and they also included some gorgeous Anchor Metallic. I haven’t used metallic thread since I was a child so I was very eager to make some new baubles!

crochet scarf
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Christmas baubles need sparkles now, don’t they?! 

I had a fun time playing around with my original bauble design Granny Baubles and came up with a few twists to include a row of Puff Stitches, for some texture with the shiny threads. The Metallic thread is slightly stretchy which makes it perfect for crochet baubles.


You can find the link for this Free pattern here

These work up so fast, you will have a basket full made in no time! If you want to make your own sparkly baubles, just head to Christmas Baubles and download the Free pattern. It includes a chart!

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