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Are you looking for an easy crochet flower pattern? You will love these crochet small flowers that are great for beginners!

Our 10 free patterns make it easy to add flair to your crochet projects.

From crochet hats to home decor, these little blooms are the perfect finishing touch.


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Why Crochet Small Flowers?

Need a finishing touch for your project? Small crochet flowers are the answer! 

They’re perfect for adding to headbands, blankets and crochet hats. Got a hole or stain to cover? These little flowers work like a charm.

You can also use them to decorate cards, make pretty hair clips or create a mini bouquet.  

They are a quick and simple way to add the perfect crochet embellishment to your projects.

You could also make some crochet leaves to add to your flowers.

crochet leaves lying on a white board

How do you Crochet a Small Flower?

Crocheting a small flower is simple and quick. Start with a magic ring or chain loop for the center. Next, use basic stitches like single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), and slip stitch (sl st) to form petals. 

Depending on the pattern, you might also use variations like half-double crochet (hdc) or treble crochet (tr)

Most small flower patterns consist of just a few rounds, making them a great choice for using up yarn scraps.

More Free Pattern Collections

Get ready to brighten up your day with our collection of free crochet flower patterns. Best of all, these crochet patterns are easy enough for beginners!

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Small Flowers

Happy crocheting!

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