Vintage Crochet Hearts

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Would you like to make some sweet crochet hearts to give to someone special? My cute little hearts were inspired by vintage crochet so I added a cream edging. This crochet heart pattern reminds me of faded crochet doilies.

The pattern includes a helpful photo tutorial.

crochet scarf
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You could crochet some pretty Gerbera Flowers to add to your hearts! Or make a crochet stuffed heart that will fit in the palm of your hands.

crochet flowers and crochet hearts

How to get the Heart Crochet Pattern

  • Free Pattern: Scroll down this blog post for the written pattern Instructions
  • Printable PDF: you can purchase a printer-friendly, ad-free PDF version for the Crochet Hearts AND flowers AND Instructions to make a garland, in US crochet terms on Ravelry
  • And on Etsy

How to use your Crochet Hearts

  • Make some mini crochet hearts for valentine’s day
  • Make a crochet heart garland to hang on your mantle or to make a pretty garland for a new baby. You can add some crochet flowers in your favorite colors
  • They would also be perfect to embellish a baby blanket – attach a small heart applique to each corner
  • Make in worsted weight cotton yarn for a crochet heart coaster
  • A crochet washcloth embellished with crochet hearts would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day.  Make in a contrasting color, and sew on with a needle and thread.

The washcloth with its adorable hearts is sure to brighten up any bathroom!

crochet washcloths embellished with crochet hearts


  • Scraps of Cotton Yarn in sportsweight
  • I always have a stash in my craft room, of these gorgeous little balls of Scheepjes Catona 25g – they also come in even smaller balls 10g in 100 shades (available widely). I use this yarn to make my crochet flowers, and also use it to make all my Christmas Baubles. It is crisp and has great stitch definition….and all those colours to choose from!
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • You can also use a DK weight cotton yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook.
  • Yarn needle to sew in threads
crochet hearts and balls of yarn

Size of Crochet Heart

Approx 2in x 2in in sportsweight yarn

Abbreviations (US terms)

  • Beg             Beginning
  • Ch               Chain
  • SC               Single crochet
  • DC              Double crochet
  • Rep             Repeat
  • RS               Right side
  • Sl st            Slip stitch
  • Sp(s)           Space/spaces
  • BL               Back loop

Abbreviations (UK terms)

  • Beg             Beginning
  • Ch               Chain
  • DC              Double crochet
  • TR              Treble crochet
  • Rep             Repeat
  • RS               Right side
  • Sl st            Slip stitch
  • Sp(s)           Space/spaces
  • BL               Back loop
crochet applique. Flowers and hearts

Instructions for the Easy Crochet Heart Pattern

In US crochet terms (see abbreviations for UK terms)

Row 1: Using first colour, ch 2, 3 sc into 2nd ch from hook. turn – 3sc

Row 2: Ch 1, 2 sc into 1st st, 1 sc into next st, 2 sc into last st, turn – 5sc

Row 3: Ch 1, 2 sc into 1st st, 1 sc into next 3 sts, 2 sc into last st, turn – 7sc

Row 4: Ch 1, 1 sc into each st across, turn – 7sc

Row 5: Repeat row 4

Row 6: Repeat row 4

Row 7: Sl st into 1st st, 5 dc into next st, sl st into next 3 sts, 5 dc into next st, sl st into last st, do not turn.

With RS facing, continue around edge of heart as follows. See pics for hints to place your hook

Round 8: Ch1, work 5 sc evenly towards bottom point, work [1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 sc] into point (beg ch),

work 8 sc evenly up the other side of heart,

work 3 sc into next st ( the middle dc of the 5 dc of previous row), 1 sc into next 2 sts, sl st into next st, skip 1 st, sl st into next st, 1 sc into next 2 sts, 3 sc into next st ( the middle dc of the 5 dc of previous row),

1 sc into next 3 sts, sl st into beg ch 1. Fasten off yarn.

Join in contrast colour to any st from previous round in BL (back loop) only. Work into each stitch as follows:

*ch 2, sl st into next st; rep from * around. Fasten off yarn and weave in threads.

Crochet Heart Garland Pattern

I used my favourite Retro shades in orange, pink, lime and deep purple to make crochet hearts and flowers, and made a simple chain to string them together.

Here is a picture of the crochet garland hanging on my garden shed!

You can find the pattern for the crochet flowers and instructions to make a garland HERE

crochet hearts and flowers garland

If you would like to support my work, and help me continue to share Free patterns, you can purchase a printer-friendly, ad-free PDF version for the Crochet Hearts AND flowers AND Instructions to make a garland, in US crochet terms on Ravelry

And on Etsy

garland of crochet flowers
crochet hearts on a flower plate china

Find more Free Crochet Patterns here

If you make this pattern, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and be sure to tag me in your photos so I can see it too, @anniedesigncrochet or #anniedesigncrochet – I can’t wait to see what colours you use with this pattern!

The photographs and pattern contained on this page are the property of Annie Design
You are welcome to use this pattern to make items to sell,  and I would appreciate that you include a link to the free pattern with credit for the designer, thank you!
No unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or content is permitted.


  1. Hello, dear! ????
    What an amazing crochet heart idea! I’d like to include one of these pictures in a Round-Up of Crochet Projects for Valentine’s Day that I’m going to publish soon in my blog.
    Of course, I will attach the appropriate link to your blog.
    I wish you a lovely Sunday! ???? ????????????
    Anabelia Craft Design

  2. These hearts are wonderful!! We have some awesome senior volunteers who are helping to drop off notes and books and food to some of our elderly that are not well and need some encouragement so we want to make your awesome hearts and hang them in there windows to cheer them up! We want to hang 1 inside so they can pin our cards or some of there family photos on it . We think this will really bring some smiles to many !! Thank You for sharing!! I will take some photos and send to you.

    1. What a lovely and thoughtful project:) I am so pleased you are enjoying the pattern and thank you so much for letting me know!

  3. Hi, I am working on self publishing a book (not a crochet book) in a month or so. Is it okay if I use your Vintage hearts for one of the freebies? (if I have enough time as I am including flower brooches (own pattern). Thanks 🎈

    1. Hi:) I do not allow my pattern text or pictures to be published anywhere. If you want to include a link to the pattern on my blog, drop me an email at

  4. Could you possibly do a video tutorial that shows you crocheting each row? I got to row 8 and now am kind of stuck because I don’t understand exactly what is meant by working stitches evenly and the pictures don’t really show this clearly. I am pretty new at this and need really specific instructions. Sorry for being so dense.

    1. You are not dense at all! And I am planning to make a video nexzt week for this pattern. If you make 1 sc in each row end, you should then reach the bottom where you will make [1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 sc] into point at the bottom. Rip back and try again if it does not work first time until it looks even. I promise you will get the hang of it with practise!

  5. I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

  6. Thanks for the easy to understand pattern! I’m a beginner, trying to teach myself, and not all of the patterns I find are as clear and easy to understand as this one! Thanks again!

  7. I’m going to make it a point to follow you and remember to check your patterns whenever I’m looking for one from now on! And I’m going to check out your flower pattern now!

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